When they made their pitch to him about writing his autobiography I didn’t say a word.  I’ve been a cop long enough to know when to keep my mouth shut.  But, right off, I could see it making a big, fun book stretching to around five pages of easy-to-read print and maybe it would include a real cute picture of him surrounded by his glasses.  Well, like his father said, we all make mistakes.
— Al Wheeler’s introduction to Alan G. Yates autobiography, Ready When You Are C.B.!

Never mind what Al thinks, the Alan Geoffrey Yates (1 August 1923 – 5 May 1985) story is as remarkable as any of his books.  It’s the story of one of the most popular and prolific authors the world has ever seen.  It’s the story of how Alan G. Yates wrote under his own name and many pseudonyms, the most famous being Carter Brown…  (MORE)

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